Our New Brand Identity

1 April 2019

I would like to inform you that, starting from 1 April 2019, Humana Pharma International S.p.a. assume the following new corporate name: INPHARMA S.p.A.
Therefore, as of the above date, please ensure all invoices and other official communications use the new name. Our VAT number, telephone numbers, headquarter address and all other details remain unchanged. I would like to ensure you that this change only affects the name and corporate logo of the company, not the reputation for quality and expertise we have earned over the many years by your side.
So why the change? In many ways it’s a form of reinvention; an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in a highly-competitive global market and strengthen our mission to provide the finest food supplement solutions for our partners. You’ll find these three core values in our new logo, but you’ll also find a fourth petal that is larger than the others. That petal is dedicated to our partners, because no matter how skilled we are they will always be our most important asset. We look forward to writing this new chapter in our company’s history with you.